Transportation of heavy loads

Our company “Crane Ukraine” has its own vehicle fleet, we can offer heavy cargo transportation services. This type of transportation is one the most difficult types because of specifics, it requires not only qualification and training, but also the strictest preparation of all subsequent actions.  The «Crane Ukraine”  company currently have a technically working special transport plus the company employs experienced staff who help carry out the transportation of heavy goods. «Crane Ukraine” carry heavy cargo transportation for more than fifteen years, we guarantee to our customer the safely delivery of the cargo in time.

Self-propelled modular trailer SPMT

SPMT allows you to collect a vehicle with the necessary load capacity and pressure on the road surface. Modular vehicles can be assembled in a single line for the transportation of long loads, in two lines using connecting blocks for

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Delicate transportation of “sensitive” giants

Transformers weighing about 100 tons or less, can be transported on ordinary low-load semi-trailers of suitable load-carrying capacity. Transportation of transformers is a complex and very responsible operation and must ensure their safety along the entire route. Transport equipment used

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